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Image:Percy-Fitzgerald.jpg|right|150px|Percy Hetherington Fitzgerald Image:Fitzgerald-Furniss.jpg|thumb|right|150px|Fitzgerald caricatured by Harry Furniss c.1890 '''Percy Hetherington Fitzgerald''' (1834 - 1925) was an Anglo-Irish author and critic, painter and sculptor. He was born in Ireland at Fane Valley, County Louth, educated at Stonyhurst College, Lancashire, England|Lancashire, and at Trinity College, Dublin|Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland|Dublin. He was called to the Ireland|Irish Bar association|bar and was for a time crown prosecutor on the northeastern circuit. After moving to London, England|London, he became a contributor to Charles Dickens|Charles Dickens's magazine, ''Household Words'', and later dramatic critic for the ''The Observer|Observer'' and the ''Whitehall Review''. Among his many writings are numerous biographies and works relating to the...
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